Vision & Purpose

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The Toronto Peace Initiative is a grassroots organization that envisions a world based on peace, cooperation, and sustainable development that benefits all nations and people. A world where a decolonized Canada has:

    • withdrawn all its foreign troops,
    • significantly reduced its military budget, and 
    • where the people of Toronto and surrounding regions play a role in building and maintaining a just and harmonious future for humanity.
    1. To research, collect, analyze, and spread information that educates everyday people in Toronto and beyond about the costs we pay to enrich corporations and institutions that profit from war and militarism, conflicts, violence, and sanctions.
    2. To collaborate with peace-focused, labour, and people’s organizations on building awareness about the dangers of war and militarism, about the prospects for peace, and about the benefits of international cooperation.
    3. To use a variety of tools to spread information, hold war profiteers to account, and motivate people in Canada to demand that our public wealth and taxes be used for peaceful and sustainable development; our tools could include: 
        • Media and technology. 
        • Alliances and coalitions.
        • Mobilizations. 
        • Campaigns and petitions.
        • The boosting of anti war & anti imperialist voices.
        • And more.

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